Good old newspapers still exist but these days we’re getting most of the news from online sources. While that’s certainly more convenient and also puts numerous sources at our disposal, the Internet is sadly full of fake news. If you’d like to make sure the latest stories you’re reading are real and presented objectively, we’ll show some of the best fake news detectors for Windows PCs.

The number of fake news websites is drastically increasing and they spread the information via social media. This is certainly on the morally questionable side, but let’s just say there are plenty of people who don’t mind lying just to get some more clicks to their websites.

5 Of the best fake news detectors for Windows

However, developers are actively working on ways to combat and detect fake news. The most reliable fake news detectors employ AI technology to analyze various aspects of written text and the websites the stories are published on. While there’s plenty of room for development in the artificial intelligence department, we still have some pretty good tools for detecting fake news at our disposal.

If you’d like to ensure the news stories you’re reading are as accurate as possible, check out the best fake news detectors for Windows computers!

B.S. Detector

B.S. Detector is available as a browser extension for the most popular web browsers, specifically Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. The add-on works by analyzing all links on a certain web page and checks if they contain any references to unreliable sources.

The verification is performed using a compiled list of domains and you’ll be warned if the website or the links it includes are questionable. Also, the shady domains they consider questionable are grouped into categories such as fake news, extreme bias, junk science, rumor mill, click-bait and so on.

Media Bias / Fact Check

If you’re worried your Facebook feed is showing too many fake news, Media Bias / Fact Check won’t directly scan it, but if you visit any type of article on a questionable site it will let you know.

The tool relies on data available on the Media Bias Fact Check website. Once you visit a certain news page you just need to press the Media Bias / Fact Check button in Chrome and the extension will show what kind of bias the source website is known for. After all, there’s more than one way to deform the truth and this Chrome extension is able to tell you exactly how you’re being lied to.


PolitiFact is a Chrome extension and website that managed to win the Pulitzer Prize, and although it’s not your typical fake news checker, it gets the job done!

The app lets you verify statements made by politicians and other famous people involved in America politics. The PolitiFact team thoroughly verify statements and use a Truth-O-Meter (it sounds fun, right?) to rate their accuracy.

There are six possible ratings, specifically True (this one is pretty straightforward), Mostly true – this means the statement is accurate but more information is needed, Half true – the statement is partly true and omits critical details, Mostly false – in this case there’s some truth to the statement but important information is left out, False – the statement is 100% inaccurate, and last but not least, Pants on Fire – the statement is not only false, it also makes outrageous claims.

FiB by Devpost

If there’s one social media channel on which fake news spreads like the plague it’s definitely Facebook. The company may have developed algorithms to stop fake news distribution but they’re far from perfect.

FiB by Devpost is a Chrome extension that can scan your Facebook feed in real time and verify if the displayed posts are authentic. It checks all types of posts, regardless if they’re images, links, or status updates using artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, FiB verifies the authenticity of FB posts by performing a Twitter search. If it considers a post to be false, the extension will attempt to find the correct information and display it.

Fake news detector by DareDevelopers

Fake news detector is another Chrome extension that works in a straightforward manner. The fake news you see while browsing websites will be marked with red, while potential inaccurate stories and click-bait links will be marked with orange.

It works on websites, Google search results and even scans your Facebook feed. However, when new posts load while you’re browsing Facebook the extension might break. In this case, the developer recommends you click on Fake news detector’s logo which will force the tool to check all new posts again.

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